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At Heart of the City, we are dedicated to helping the health of the mind, body, and spirit. That is why we have various professional counselors working out of our facility. If you are interested in counseling with one of our partners, please fill out the form by clicking the button below.

*Please note that due to the lack of electronic protection, e-mail is not a secure methodology for communicating confidential information. Because of security risks, the exchange of clinical information or attempting therapy by email is not advised. By using this method of contact with us, you agree to accept these risks and keep information within emails limited to non-clinical correspondence only.

Local Professional Counselors


Jill Cain, MS, LPC
Journey to Joy Counseling
P: 503-318-3083
F: 503-893-3044

Inspiring Others to find their passion, healing, & joy!

Individuals, Women, Career & Life Transitions, Relationship Issues, Depression, Anxiety, & Parenting.

I believe counseling is a collaborative process where we use the tools and techniques I possess to support you on your journey. My style is empathic, respectful, sensitive, kind and confidential so that you can explore your concerns and do therapeutic work in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Overall, my approach is insight-oriented and client-centered, meaning that I focus on helping you discover what you want and then support and empower you to achieve your goals.


Tim Fitzsimmons, CPC
Renewal LLC
P: 503-610-2302

2010 began a personal ministry of meeting weekly with men to disciple and counsel them and being led to do so on the mission field. With every encounter, the Holy Spirit used me as a vessel to provide hope and healing. Today, I'm following my calling to counsel men or couples with a Certification in Pastoral Counseling from Hope Institute for Pastoral Counseling with a focus on Scripture and neuroscience, healthy sexuality, PTSD, and the neurology of money. I studied how the brain responds to trauma & anxiety, and how to Biblically address PTSD, unhealthy sexuality, affection for money, and addictions.

My heart is to help clients face themselves, give them helpful tools to refine their lives, and most of all connect them to intimacy with the Spirit of God & His Word to find freedom & transformation so they can thrive spiritually, sexually, financially, emotionally, and relationally.

Counseling Interns

In partnership with A New Life Christian Counselors.

Please note that while the worldview of each of our interns is founded on Christian values, we also respect differing views of faith and spirituality and respect the choice of not including religious preferences during our time together. As professionals, we are able to offer helpful, supportive, insightful, and meaningful therapy to all who are willing to work towards their personal goals.


Katie Wardle

Each person has their own unique story. People often find clarity and direction in being able to share their life experiences. I find satisfaction in listening to people tell their stories and in helping people of all ages and backgrounds define the parts of their story they would like to change. Sometimes we need one person and at other times we need a team to come alongside us to help in times of crisis. My own unique journey helps me to produce creative solutions in collaboration with others. I draw on techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), and narrative therapy. Due to the complexity of life’s challenges, people often benefit from the use of multiple approaches. Authentically listening to people and walking with them to help them discover ways of not just dealing with but growing and learning from life’s adversities can be very freeing and healing for them.


Austin Radford

Change is hard, especially when trying to do it alone. My hope is to walk with you through any transition, self-improvement, or lasting change that you want to make in your life. To reach this positive improvement, I walk people through Evidence-Based practices and techniques that are Client-Centered, Strength Focused, and Relational in nature. These approaches can help those struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, transitions, men’s issues, spiritual problems and much more. I also believe that change with a partner can lead to lasting happiness so if there is a need for Couples, Pre-Marital, or Marriage counseling, I am Gottman and Prepare & Enrich trained.


Taylor Miller

I believe that each person is doing the best they can with what they have. That means we can improve ourselves by gathering tools and information about ourselves and the world around us. I use compassion and empathy to help my clients recognize the human need to slow down and take intentional measures to honestly evaluate what is needed to improve. I work with adults and teens dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, life adjustments, and improving emotional intelligence. I am also passionate about working with children and parents through the use of Play Therapy and Theraplay. I believe that children can use play to help communicate the thoughts and feelings that they don't yet have the vocabulary to express verbally.


Jamie Bunnell

My heart and passion is to walk alongside of each person with empathy, support, encouragement, and the tool bag which encompasses the support you are needing to achieve your divine goals and desired outcomes. I know that each person is different with different outcomes they desire. We will learn and fulfill these together- a journey worth embarking upon. Change is worth it. YOU are more than worth it! I truly believe that healing comes through change and learning to grow within ourselves and our spiritual journey through Christ himself.

My therapeutic approach is to embrace you with a holistic approach that encompasses body, mind, soul, and spirit. My approach is client-centered. I also utilize the skills offered by Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to help my clients. Additionally, I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming (EMDR), as a Gottman Leader for Couples groups, Currently training in Gottman trauma and infidelity for couples and Biblical Counseling Certification. I have a true heart to assist others in breaking free from internal bondage of anxiety, trauma, depression, low self-esteem, spirituality, and self-improvement and betterment in all ways.