Sundays, 5:30pm — 7:00pm

The Recovery Table

The Recovery Table is a group of men and women looking for a recovery community and a place to be seen.

Too often, recovery programs are absent of God and express the need for a community beyond the 12-step room unnecessary. Similarly, a consistent flaw of faith communities is we send those struggling with addictions away to 12-step rooms to "deal with their problem" or claim that the power of Jesus is (or should be) strong enough to handle this seeming lack of character or willpower.

We will meet God and one another at the Recovery Table in fellowship. Open to the known believer & the person who feels like a stranger to God, recovered addicts & those coming straight from their addiction, and those who are curious about the recovery community in general. If you feel like you belong, then you do. At the Table, we will approach the ideas of recovery with a blend of the 12 steps, the spirituality of God, pot-luck food, and a heavy dose of weekly fellowship. The format isn't a top-down teaching class; instead, it is a conversation centered on specific weekly questions and ideas where everyone can be seen and heard.

Please note: This is not to replace your recovery community but to be an add-on or supplement to the successful work you are already doing or considering stepping into.